Policy Listed By Date

My policy priorities reflect the Apex we have come to know and love. This also reflects where we need to improve.

The policy listed below is what has been implemented, funded, and voted on since my election in November 2017:


Affordable Housing Plan adopted – January 2021

Upgraded insurance ratings due to funding and training for Fire Department – January 2021

Health and Humanity Yogathan – January 2021

First Black History Month events and First Martin Luther King event – February 2021

Initiative for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – February 2021

Women’s History Month proclamation and first events in Apex  – February 2021

Diversity Officer position approved – February 2021

Resolution supporting Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act – February 2021

Citizen Survey satisfaction – March 2021

Increased lighting on basketball courts and assessment of park hours – March 2021

Grid modernization and Workforce Development 2020 Public Power Award of Excellence – March 2021

Approved revisions to the Design and Development Manual Native and Adaptive Plant List – April 2021

Non-Discrimination Ordinance – June 2021

Customer Assistance Program for residents subject to utility cutoffs – June 2021

First Pride Month Proclamation and Pride Events in Apex – June 2021

Cash Corporate Center for Economic Development – June 2021

Juneteenth proclamation and First Juneteenth celebration in Downtown Apex – June 2021

Stormwater Utility to address stormwater problems throughout Apex – June 2021

Updated Town Ethics Policy for Town Council, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment – July 2021

Adopted Downtown Master Plan – August 2021

Vision Zero Steering Committee Initiated – August 2021

Approved updated opening and closing times for Apex Parks – August 2021

Prohibition of Venomous and Exotic Dangerous Animals within town limits – August 2021


Environmental Advisory Board – January 2020

Approval of DHIC development for affordable housing community – January 2020

Historical Marker Program approved – January 2020

Council completed the first ever Town of Apex Strategic Plan and agreed upon vision and mission – February 2020

Our vision: A Community unified in the stewardship of our small town charm, natural environment, and vision for a future where all succeed.

Our Mission: The Mission of the Town of Apex to provide exceptional public service that cultivates opportunity for the individual and community to live, thrive, and reach their peak.

First Black History Month Proclamation – February 2020

SolSmart Gold Level – February 2020

Women’s History Month Proclamation – February 2020

Conversational Meeting with Town of Cary Elected Officials – February 2020

Exceptional Achievement in the Area of Workforce Development from the Public Power Association – March 2020

Suspension of utility cutoffs due to COVID-19 – March 2020

Remote participation of Council, staff, and community in Council Meetings due to COVID-19 – March 2020

Small Business Emergency Loan Program due to COVID-19 – April 2020

Non-profit funding for community support – April 2020

Proclamation for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month – May 2020

7% Raise for all Town of Apex staff – May 2020

Hazard Duty Pay approved for essential staff within the Town of Apex due to COVID-19 – May 2020

Resolution of LGBTQIA Month – June 2020

First ever Juneteenth Proclamation and unanimous approval to enact Juneteenth as a Town Holiday in 2021 – June 2020

Implementation of Adopt a Park/Trail Program – June 2020

Initiated Sustainability Program – June 2020

1 cent toward Affordable Housing – June 2020

Started Downtown Park to Dine program to assist restaurants during COVID-19– Summer 2020

Resolution for Clean Water – July 2020

Stipend for Volunteer Board Members – Summer 2020

Sustainability staff hired – August 2020

Requested adjustment of the Park to Dine program based on Downtown Retail business input – August 2020

Removed age limit from Trick or Treating from the ordinances – September 2020

National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge Proclamation – October 2020

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Proclamation – October 2020

Gender neutral language for the Town Code – October 2020

Collaboration with County and Municipalities for Transit – October 2020

Living Wage policy implemented – October 2020

Expansion of school capacity – November 2020

Recognition of Compassionate Policing – November 2020

$1 million in loan funding approved to allow DHIC to build affordable units – December 2020


Façade Grant in the Central Business District for Economic Development – January 2019

Bike Apex approved – January 2019

Approval of US 64 Corridor Improvements around Shepherds Vineyard Drive – January 2019

Agreement between Cary and Apex regarding primary public-safety communication – January 2019

Resolution for the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement – February 2019

Advance Apex 2045 Transportation and Land use Map – February 2019

Resolution of goals for Achieving 100% Clean Energy by 2050 – February 2019

Introduced and approved First Resolution for Black History Month in Apex – February 2019

Introduced resolution for Transportation development fees for introduction at the General Assembly – February 2019

Economic Development Incentives approved for Project Protein – March 2019

Women’s History Month Resolution introduced for the first time and adopted – March 2019

Approval of resolution to grant funds for Affordable Housing through DHIC – April 2019

Resolution initiated and approved in support of the ERA – April 2019

Supported expansion of public input to be more inclusive of all of Apex – April 2019

Resolution approved to grant funding to cover fees, inspections and review for Operation Coming Home for Veterans – April 2019

Recognition of National Police Week and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day – May 2019, 2020, 2021

Approval of live streaming of Town Council meetings – May 2019

Anti-human trafficking contract clause placed into standard Town contract language – May 2019

Community Branding Study initiated – June 2019

Expanded the paid parental leave policy – June 2019

Bee City USA Committee – June 2019

Environmental Stewardship Award Program Initiated – June 2019

First resolution for Pride Month initiated and approved – June 2019

First Park to Dine space approved Downtown – June 2019

Loan forgiveness for DHIC project – June 2019

Initiation of Joint Conversational Meetings with other Elected Boards – July 2019

Increased Sewer capacity through Agreement of Colvin Park Pump Station – August 2019

Expansion of FMLA definitions for family member and removing the age limit for children – August 2019

Creation of Environmental Advisory Board – August 2019

Flashing lights at crosswalks initiated to protect pedestrians – September 2019

Public Works Building solar PV system approved – September 2019

Apex Circulator Study initiated – September 2019

Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolution approved and first celebration events – October 2019

Paid Parental Leave expanded to 8 weeks – October 2019

Apex Downtown Plan – December 2019


Paid Parental Leave approved for Town of Apex employees – January 2018

Paid Bereavement Leave for TOA staff – January 2018

Community Survey – January 2018

Phase 2 of Middle Creek Greenway – February 2018

PhotoVoltaic systems for Public Station 5 – February 2018

Annexation of a portion of Laura Duncan to provide public services due to pedestrian accident – February 2018

Multi-use path on Apex Barbecue Road to service Scotts Ridge Elementary School – March 2018

Pleasant Park plan approved – March 2018

Baucom-Olive House and Upchurch-Williams House designated as Historic Landmark – April 2018

Updating lighting standards – April 2018

Results of Clean Energy Technology Center and recommendations for solar PV systems – April 2018

Supported Annual Think Apex Awards 2018-2021

Supported National Police Week Proclamation – May 2018

PV system for Public Safety Station 4 and Public Works Administration – May 2018

Upgraded Computer Aided Dispatch interface for emergency systems – June 2018

Upgraded parking and renovations at the Police Station – June 2018

NCLM goals to facilitate advocacy for the Town of Apex at the State Legislative level – July 2018

Gave guidance to begin to transition to LED fixtures – August 2018

Upgraded policies to allow for large solar PV systems in residential settings – August 2018

Electric Operations Center Contract – August 2018

Approval of Public Art in Apex and a map of possible future public art projects – August 2018

Approval of Human Trafficking Awareness Week – August 2018

Memorandum of Agree with other Triangle Local Governments called Triangle Water Supply Partnership – August 2018

Expanded definition of “family member” and removed the age limitation for Paid Family Leave for Town Employees – August 2018

Initiation of resolution for Environmental Advisory Board – August 2018

Limited tobacco products on Parks, Greenways, and Town properties – September 2018

Noise restriction for Construction – October 2018

Expanded parking on Seaboard St – October 2018

Added new Assistant Fire Chief, Assistant Town Attorney – December 2018

Added Long Range Planner – December 2018

Tree Citizen Advisory Panel – December 2018


Approval of Senior Center, Pleasant Park, and Greenway Expansion- 2017

Approved Bike/Pedestrian Plan December 2017

Parks and Recreation Bond – December 2017

Pond at Villages of Apex