POLICY- My policy priorities reflect the Apex we have come to know and love. This policy also reflects where we need to improve.


My plan for the Town of Apex budget includes adequately investing in our future, which means we are not playing catch-up in the decades to come. We should set up Apex for success.

  • Fund appropriate capital projects to address the big needs within the Town
  • Prioritize long term investments in areas that affect our future
  • Support a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility
  • Over the last 4 years I have supported making Town positions competitive, for both current employees and future employees of the Town


We have updated and adopted our 2045 Land Use Map called Advance Apex.
Our environment needs to be protected, because the more the land is developed, the more the environment changes. Here are a few things I have supported to protect our environment within the Town of Apex.

  • setup of a stormwater utility
  • tree replacements for certain size trees
  • solar installations on Town and private property
  • becoming a Solsmart (Gold designation) city, Tree city, Bee city, Butterfly city, and participation in the dark sky initiative
  • requesting a 100 foot stream buffer to protect water flowing into Jordan Lake
  • supporting lower density development away from Apex and closer to Jordan Lake
  • supported a resolution for 100% clean energy by 2050 and Paris Climate Agreement
  • supported creation of an environmental advisory board
Pond at Villages of Apex


Use the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment to form policy addressing the biggest health needs within Wake County and Apex, and tailor policies to each region based on the identified challenges. Health policy needs to reflect data driven solutions with input from community partners and nonprofits.

  • Provide more support for mental health care, through funding of mental health positions that support our first responders and residents.
  • Expand and support access to health support and wellness within the Town of Apex through expansion of parks and greenways, updated activities, increased cultural activities and festivals, opening of the Senior Center, increase walkability throughout the Town of Apex
  • Address the social determinants of health reflected in the Community Health Needs Assessment


Apex has a shortage of low- and middle-income housing; we are losing many more affordable units than we are gaining.  The housing assessment and affordable housing steering committee provided guidance for our Affordable Housing Plan.

  • Work toward implementation of Apex’s Affordable Housing Plan.
  • Create policy directly addressing needs throughout Apex for affordable housing whether through rehabilitation of existing properties for naturally occurring affordable housing, supporting nonprofits, or other means.


  • Provide more greenways for connection and mobility
  • Adequately invest in multi-modal transportation, including roads, sidewalks, buses, and rail
    • Finish the Apex Peakway before construction begins on 64 and 55 through NCDOT
    • Increased funding to maintain current roadways
    • Construct sidewalks in areas where gaps are present, focusing on Safe Routes to Schools
    • Expand roads to accommodate increased traffic
    • Provide new connections when able, such as constructing Jessie Drive to provide an alternative connection before Hwy 55 and Ten Ten Road construction through NCDOT begins. Here is a link to our thoroughfare and collector street plan
    • Transit plans
    • Bike Apex