LEADERSHIP- As an elected leader in a fast-growing municipality, I deal with everything from pot holes to personnel. My time on the Apex Town Council has given me the opportunity to learn first-hand how each community within Wake County does not exist in a vacuum and that working with non-governmental entities and collaborating with leadership from other towns, Wake County, and the state is essential. And while a community can surely “make the person,” people are who make the community, which is why I spend more time listening and learning than I do talking. Our Apex community has been changing rapidly- as is much of Wake County- and the following leadership examples reflect what I will bring to the table as a Wake County Commissioner.

TOWN OF APEX RESOLUTIONS & PROCLAMATIONS: I have made or supported the following resolutions and proclamations for Apex, reflecting my belief that good leadership means embracing diversity and honoring history and contributions of women and minorities.

  • Resolution for Indigenous People’s Day – October 2018; culminating in October 2019
  • Paris Climate Resolution – January 2019
  • Clean Energy Initiative – January 2019
  • Black History Month – February 2019
  • Women’s History Month – March 2019
  • ERA Resolution – April 2019
  • Resolution for Affordable Housing Funds – April 2019
  • LGBTQIA Month – June 2019

TOWN OF APEX BUDGET COMMITTEE:   For over two years, I have been a member of Apex’s Budget Committee, addressing the budget details before bringing it before the entire council. I take planning for the future and prioritizing where our dollars go in the short term very seriously.

WAKE COUNTY 2019 COMMUNITY HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Access to healthcare is an important issue to me, and an individual’s ability to partake in quality healthcare reflects a variety of social determinants. As part of this countywide task force addressing social determinants of health, I gathered information about health issues specifically affecting the Apex area and provided direction on moving forward with policy addressing our largest health needs.  Social determinants of health include the following: Transportation/Transit, Employment, Access to Care, Mental Health, Housing and Homelessness, Substance Use Disorders, Family/Community/Social Support,  Education, Built Environment, Quality of Care, Physical Health,  Environmental Quality, Safety, Food Security, Diet and Exercise, Income, Maternal and Infant Health, Length of Life, Disability, Sexual Health, and Tobacco Use.

TOWN OF APEX ENVIRONMENT: Climate change is real. Climate change combined with clear cutting and other unsustainable building practices creates long term environmental problems. Directly addressing environmental issues is a priority for me, and Apex is now a Tree City, SolSmart City (gold designation), and working on becoming Bee City. We have created an environmental review committee, increased our green space, requested solar conduits for all new residential housing, added solar to Apex governmental buildings, and will be hiring a sustainability manager.

TOWN OF APEX AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Affordable housing units are being lost quicker than they are being replaced.  In Apex, we’ve been in the midst of a housing boom for many years, and new housing prices have become out of reach for many lower- and middle-income people.  On top of that, many older neighborhoods are becoming gentrified.  Because of this, I have pushed hard to ensure that new neighborhoods include affordable housing units, and Apex will be funding a study for working on Affordable Housing Policy and budget this year.