Healthy Environment

Healthy Environment

The pace of growth before I was elected in 2017 was unmanageable. Growth coupled with chronic underfunding of the proper infrastructure needs led to problems in many areas and it affected our environment. 

Since being on Town Council, I have worked to include protections of our environment at rezoning and at the Town level. 

I wanted developers to stop clear cutting our trees and we now have one of the more restrictive tree protection ordinances. 

I have been contacted by numerous people that want to address stormwater in some of our communities that were allowed in previous decades to be built in flood plains. We have a stormwater utility that will be starting in January that will put money toward correcting these concerns. 

To protect our streams and drinking water we are asking the developers are providing larger buffers to 100-foot buffers closer to Jordan Lake. Our updated land use map includes lower densities closer to Jordan Lake.

Our growth rate has finally begun to slow beginning last year (development doesn’t happen immediately, but usually takes several years to happen), and the growth that we do have is to be meaningful, thoughtful, and provide what Apex needs. 

When first elected, I began talking about a residents’ advisory board that would address environmental issues related to development. That is in place as our Environmental Advisory Board.

Through the finance committee, we have heard residents speak out about their passion for solar and the contribution it has made to our town. We have made it easier to get through the process of installing solar for residents. We have also approved solar on our town buildings.

We are a Tree City, Bee City, SolSmart Gold City, and working toward Butterfly city.

We have a resolution declaring a clean energy initiative and have hired a sustainability manager to facilitate this town-wide. 

I have supported a switch to LED lights along the roads to reduce energy consumption, which should be completed by next year. I have also supported Council Member Brett Gantt’s Dark Sky Initiative.

Supporting expansion of our Parks system, greenway connections, sidewalks, bike lanes and Bike Apex, and new programs like Plant the Peak, are just some of the things I’m also proud to support. 

I want to do what I can to preserve our environment now and for future generations. I hope you will help me do that by voting for me during early voting, by mail, or on November 2nd.

Audra Killingsworth