Healthy Economy

Working with the Council

It takes a lot of work to provide a supportive, balanced, and healthy economy. It takes making sure people and businesses have what they need to survive and thrive in our town. 

Over the last four years bringing and keeping business in Apex has been a focus. 

During COVID-19 we made an extra effort to provide our businesses with the tools they needed such as emergency small business loans, expanded uses, and outdoor seating. 

We have also supported the efforts of our economic development team to bring industry to the area and have been successful in working with companies like EnviroFlight –  a life sciences business – to bring innovation and cutting edge technology to our community. The effort of bringing them here took years and a lot of hard work. 

To support our businesses and residents we have been working on our Downtown Plan to bring more parking, better gathering spaces, more desirable walking areas, and more seating for residents. 

I have been on the Finance Committee at the Town since being elected in 2017. On the Committee we have discussed many things that conclude in a balanced budget, to include things like the effects of the types of solar billing, the amount of staff, what our tax rates might be, and the cost of services such as trash, recycling, water, electric, sewer, and soon stormwater. Our Budget team and Finance Department are amazing stewards of taxpayer dollars and I support them in that.

The town has been growing at a very high rate until just recently and we need to make sure our roads can support our growth or that we provide other options. We have updated Street Plans, a Capital Improvement Projects for big projects, and have even invested in a transit system in partnership with Wake County for Go Apex Route 1. The Council has invested in streets maintenance, updated lighting standards for better visibility and less energy use, expanded sidewalks, and invested in our staff for the best services.

We have also added benefits such as paid parental and bereavement leave for staff, increased base pay to $15/hour, and adopted a non-discrimination ordinance. 

This Council has adopted an affordable housing plan to allow for people who want to live here, who may not currently be able to afford it, to do so, such as our teachers, our retail workers, our nurses, our firefighters and police officers, and other staff members.

Over the last two years this council has also provided grants to our non-profit community that provide services to residents who are in crisis or need support in other ways. At the Town level, we ceased utility cutoffs for 18 months during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure children could continue to go to virtual school; so that everyone could still wash and keep food cold; and so that people could still work. 

We invest in the people of Apex so that our economy stays healthy and vibrant, and so that we stay a community united and moving forward together.

Audra Killingsworth

Apex Town Council Member